Lifestyle Design

Do you wish your own home looked like the finished homes do on HGTV and magazine covers? With StyleSells Inc. it can. We’ve discovered over and over again, that most people already have exactly what they need to get their home ‘rising up to greet them when they come in the door’. What’s missing is optimal placement. Stop wishing and let StyleSells Inc. help you create the beautiful home that you’ve always wanted and absolutely deserve.

Décor/Materials Shopping

Do you live without key furniture and décor items such as lamps, art and carpets. Do you have tired furniture pieces that no longer meet your needs? Perhaps you hate shopping? Maybe you can’t find just the right piece; or you’ve finally found it at the wrong price? Don’t give-up, your full-service shopping experts are here. We shop for a living, always knowing where to find what you need at the right price and quality. We can guide you through the process to purchase, deliver, assemble and place. It’s as easy as that.

Décor: Seasonal

Seasonal decorating can brighten your home and reflect your passion for the four seasons. Imagine having a beautiful autumn accent in your home during the fall, or dressing your home in bright, fresh colours in the spring. We work with you to create a completely custom décor package and decorating service so that your home is perfectly accented all year round.


Clutter is a beast that eats home equity. It needs a strict master and that’s where StyleSells Inc. comes in. We’ll suggest practical solutions to minimize clutter, develop organizing goals with manageable steps and create long-term strategies and systems to facilitate an organized future. With our guidance, you’ll easily assess what could be sold, donated, recycled or discarded. If clutter is weighing you down, literally and figuratively, we’ll help you get out from under it.

Feng Shui

The secret to creating beautiful functional spaces is balance; knowing the rules of design and how to incorporate them. We create balance in your home through the practice of Feng Shui, enabling you to relax and harmonize with your surrounding environment. When it feels right, it’s really home.