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A StyleSells Inc. Consultation takes 1-2 hours (depending on size and condition of the home). A complete house and property review is a fully collaborative process in which your staging and/or design needs are assessed, goals clearly defined and a path forward developed to help you achieve the desired outcome while expending the least amount of your time, effort and money. Your StyleSells Inc. consultant delivers clear, concise direction, with an objective eye, always courteous, and respectful of you and your valuable time. Whether you are a new home builder, renovating, staging to sell or simply enhancing the beauty and functionality of your home StyleSells Inc. is always your best choice in moving towards your goal.


$200    Properties up to 2000 sq’

$250    Properties greater than 2000 sq’ and less than 3000 sq’

$300    Properties greater than 3000 sq’

Consultation fee on vacant listings (requiring only StyleSells Inc. furniture and décor) will be waived.